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Diamond Jewelry Certification
Acquisition of a Diamond or Gemstone Jewelry is an important expression of love or accomplishment, but at the same time it also represents a major investment for the consumer. It is essential for the consumer to know and understand the quality and credentials of the diamond or gemstone jewelry they plan to acquire. An Independent Certificate from Swiss Gemological Laboratory will instill in them the confidence and integrity in their buying decision. Simply looking at a diamond, you cannot estimate its real value and quality. Two identical looking diamonds may have considerable differences, in terms of quality and monetary value, not visible to the naked eye. Identifying these characteristics can make all the difference in a jewelry investment.
These days, everyone knows about the "4 C's" of diamond quality: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. A "5th C" called "Certification" has recently emerged in the diamond jewelry industry. A Quality Grading Certificate is a statement, issued by an Independent Gemological Laboratory, that at the time of evaluation, the diamond jewelry in question has been examined, measured, and scrutinized by experienced Graders, using various gemological instruments, and determined to contain the characteristics as stated in the Certificate or Report.

Swiss Gemological Laboratory is committed to enhance consumers' trust and confidence by offering them reliable and consistent jewelry certification and grading services by maintaining the highest levels of ethics and professionalism.
Diamond Quality Grading
Swiss Gemological Laboratory offers easy to understand jewelry certificates to consumers by using GIA's well-established grading terminology and guidelines. SGL's advanced technology and state-of-the-art gemological equipment enable us to accurately assess the quality grades of diamond and gemstone jewelry and issue unbiased quality grading certificates. SGL's quality grading certificates are graded by experienced Gemologists / Graders who are graduates of the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The gemological experts at SGL meticulously analyze the diamond jewelry in question; prepare detailed and systematic grading reports - evaluating the 4C's of the diamond - to issue precise quality grading certificates clearly defining the quality of the diamond jewelry. This is why Retail Jewelers prefer to sell diamond jewelry graded by Swiss Gemological Laboratory.
SGL's Diamond Jewelry Quality Grading Certificate:
Swiss Gemological Laboratory provides a credit card sized Quality Grading Certificate containing all the essential information in a summary format about the Diamonds, Gemstones, Precious Metal and Setting used in the Jewelry which may strengthen your buying decisions.
Swiss Gem Lab Certificate
Details of a SGL Card Certificate
Dimension : 3.370 x 2.125 Inches
Jewelry Image : Image of the Jewelry (maybe approximate or retouched)
Cert # : Unique Certificate Number for Identification & Online Tracking
Cert Date : Certificate Printing Date
Center Stone : Type of Center Stone in the Jewelry
Center Shape : Shape of Center Stone in the Jewelry
Center Clarity : Approx. Clarity Range of Center Stone in the Jewelry
Center Color : Approx. Color Range of Center Stone in the Jewelry
Total Carat Weight : Approx. Diamond/Gemstone Carat Weight of the Jewelry
Center Stone Weight : Approx. Diamond/Gemstone Carat Weight of the Center Stone
Side Stone Weight : Approx. Diamond/Gemstone Carat Weight of the Side Stones
Polish : Finish and Polish of the Center Stone
Symmetry : Cut and Proportion of the Center Stone
Metal KT : Purity of the Metal in the Jewelry (as stamped)
Metal Color : Color of the Metal in the Jewelry
Metal Wt : Approx. Weight in Grams of the Jewelry
MSRP : Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of the Jewelry
Description : A Detailed Description of the Jewelry
Comments : Comments on Grading Methodology
Terms & Conditions : Terms & Conditions on Reverse of the SGL Certificate
SGL Cert Holder : Each SGL Certificate is enclosed in a Wallet Holder
Track Your Certificate Online!
Every Swiss Gemological Certificate comes with its own unique certificate number. This unique number gives your certificate an individual identity and can provide independent proof of your jewelry's value, quality and distinguishing characteristics for insurance purposes should it ever be lost, stolen or damaged. Swiss Gemological Laboratory's innovative software enables you to easily track and verify your quality grading certificate online via the Track Your Certificate option available only on the www.SwissGemLab.com Website.

Along with the option to track, view, print or email your Certificate, you will also be able to view additional details of your Jewelry, along with your Jeweler's store and contact information. To Track Your Certificate online, you just need to enter and submit your unique Certificate Number on the www.SwissGemLab.com Website.

Swiss Gemological Laboratory provides you with the Confidence… Security… Credibility… and Peace of Mind with your Diamond and Gemstone Jewelry Investment.

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